An acquaintance with Microsoft Certification in this modern age of technology

Learning new skills is the major requirement now than ever, as the world has turned to global market and instant information access network. If you're not continuously improving yourself, you'll be surpassed by the other progressing people. Consequently, skill building through certification courses like Microsoft Certification Courses has become very well-liked. The need for skill building is especially relevant for Information technology Professionals. The pace at which technology is changing is beyond belief and what was applicable four or five years ago is almost obsolete.
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If you possess a Certification, then your value is increased many times and you have an edge over others, who do not have similar Certificates. Microsoft offers training material and certificates for many of its softwares and products. If you pass these certification exams, certificates are issued by Microsoft to the fact that you passed a particular exam for a specific or group of products. A professional with a Microsoft certification is called an MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional). The Microsoft certifications offer plenty of benefits to its achievers. They are globally recognized certifications with lots of advantages attached to it.

Microsoft Certification Levels

Certifications are to be selected very carefully on the basis of interest, knowledge, and skills as the whole career path of an IT professional depends upon the kind of certification they opt for. There are three different types of Microsoft certifications which include the associate level, the expert level, and the master level.
Associate level testifies individual’s skills in using windows server, windows client, and SQL server. It is meant for those who require a foundation for their IT career. Entry level Job seekers in the IT field should consider getting an associate level certification.
Expert level certification demonstrates employers that the candidate can work with multiple technologies. In order to obtain this certification, candidates need to qualify the solutions developer and solutions expert exams.
Master level certification will let employers identify that you are at the top of your field. This course involves learning advanced skills in Microsoft server technology.

Microsoft Exams Training

The IT certification process is skills and job oriented. You become skilled at how to do a task, how to troubleshoot a problem, and how to reason through a design. It is real-world oriented. Organization performance in several key areas of IT is directly affected by its employee’s skill levels. Organizations with Microsoft Certified Professionals experience shorter server downtimes and greater productivity. An employee that is a recognized Microsoft certified is an important resource of knowledge and skill to the organization as well as to the other employees.

A Microsoft Certification is an industry standard which is recognized internationally and which can help open doors to potential job opportunities. Professionals concur that opportunities in IT are only growing, and more opportunities with a proven set of skills transform into high figure salary. Certifications set you in a position to take advantage of them. If you have aimed to become Microsoft Certified Professional, then you should search for most authentic and best study material. We at are committed to making it possible for you to pass your Microsoft Certification exam in the very first try. will prove to be very helpful to find all the necessary material for the preparation of your Exam. People share their personal experiences and free Microsoft exam dumps building a free community here. The Microsoft braindumps are available in two formats i.e. PDF file and Online Test Engine software. The PDF file can be easily accessed on a variety of devices including Tablets, Laptops and Mobiles anywhere at any time. Moreover, by practicing all online practice tests you will become capable of facing the real exam atmosphere with full confidence. Examstraining is also giving full money back guarantee if you fail in your Microsoft certification exam. A free demo and 24/7 hours online support are available to facilitate our valuable customers.

MB6-890 | You enable a feature for a Dynamics AX instance…

Question: 5

You enable a feature for a Dynamics AX instance.
What should you use?

A. An extensible data security (XDS) policy
B. A configuration key
C. The Table Permissions Framework (TPF)
D. A security key

Answer: B


The administrator can enable or disable configuration keys to control the features and functional- ity that are available in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Reference: Configure application functionality [AX 2012]


Not A: XDS is a powerful mechanism that allows the ability to express and implement complex data security needs.

62-193 | You want to motivate the school to invest in ICT…

Question: 5

You want to motivate the school to invest in ICT resources. The reason must be based on the ICT Competency Framework for Teachers (ICT-CFT). Which argument should you use?
This item is part of a case study. To view the case study information, click on the Case Study button below.

A. to become the best equipped school in your region.
B. to improve local economic conditions.
C. to give the students in your school access to a range of resources and learning experiences.
D. to meet the expectations of the students and the parents.

Answer: C

70-761 | You develop a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 server…

Question: 4

You develop a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 server database that supports an application. The application contains a table that has the following definition:
ItemsInStore int NOT NULL,
ItemsInWarehouse int NOT NULL)
You need to create a computed column that returns the sum total of the ItemsInStore and ItemsInWarehouse values for each row.
Which Transact-SQL statement should you use?

A. ALTER TABLE Inventory
ADD TotalItems AS ItemsInStore + ItemsInWarehouse
B. ALTER TABLE Inventory
ADD ItemsInStore – ItemsInWarehouse = TotalItemss
C. ALTER TABLE Inventory
ADD TotalItems = ItemsInStore + ItemsInWarehouse
D. ALTER TABLE Inventory
ADD TotalItems AS SUM(ItemsInStore, ItemslnWarehouse);

Answer: A

70-767 | You are troubleshooting an existing SQL Server…

Question: 2

You are troubleshooting an existing SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package. On several occasions, the package execution does not finish and no data seems to have been transferred. You need to ensure that package logging occurs. Your solution must minimize deployment and development efforts. What should you do?

A. Add an OnError event handler to the SSIS project.
B. Use an msi file to deploy the package on the server.
C. Open a command prompt and run the gacutil command.
D. Open a command prompt and run the dtutil /copy command.
E. Open a command prompt and run the dtexec /rep /conn command.
F. Open a command prompt and run the dtexec /dumperror /conn command.
G. Run the package by using the dtexecui.exe utility and the SQL Log provider.
H. Create a reusable custom logging component and use it in the SSIS project.
I. Configure the SSIS solution to use the Project Deployment Model.
J. Configure the output of a component in the package data flow to use a data tap.
K. Run the dtutil command to deploy the package to the SSIS catalog and store the configuration in SQL Server.

Answer: A

62-193 | You teach a class of 20 students…

Question: 4

You teach a class of 20 students. Your classroom contains six computers.
You run an activity that is carried out mostly on paper.
Before the end of the activity, the students will require access to the computers.
Which lesson structure should provide the best learning experience for the students?

A. Create several different activities that require the computers at different stages during the lesson.
B. Execute the computer-based portion of the activity as a class demonstration.
C. Modify the tasks of the lesson so that only some of the students require access to the computers.
D. Have all of the students perform the same activity and instruct the students to take turns using the computers.

Answer: D

MB2-708 | You install Dynamics CRM 2015 on a server…

Question: 5

You install Dynamics CRM 2015 on a server on the internal network.
You need to provide several users with the ability to use Dynamics CRM client applications to
connect to Dynamics CRM from the Internet
Which server role should you add to the deployment?

A. Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services
B. Web Server (US) – this is for Internet Facing Website user role
C. Remote Access
D. Active Directory Federation Services

Answer: B

MB6-705 | Which two techniques can you use to move…

Question: 5

Which two techniques can you use to move an entire model? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A. Use the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Management Shell cmdlets to import and export.
B. Use the standard Windows features to copy the application object (AOD) files.
C. Use the AxUtil.exe to import and export.
D. Use the Import and Export tool in the Development Workspace to move an XPO file

Answer: A, C

70-462 | You are the lead database administrator…

Question: 13

You are the lead database administrator (DBA) of a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 environment.
All DBAs are members of the DOMAIN\JrDBAs Active Directory group. You grant DOMAIN\JrDBAs access to the SQL Server.
You need to create a server role named SpecialDBARole that can perform the following functions:
View all databases.
View the server state.
Assign GRANT, DENY, and REVOKE permissions on logins.
You need to add DOMAIN\JrDBAs to the server role. You also need to provide the least level of privileges necessary.
Which SQL statement or statements should you use? Choose all that apply.


Answer: B, C, F

MB2-714 | You have a Dynamics CRM organization that…

Question: 4

You have a Dynamics CRM organization that contains the following charts:
• A tag chart named Chart1 that displays keywords from case titles
• A funnel chart named Chart2 that displays case resolution times
• A line chart named Chart3 that displays priorities
• A doughnut chart named Chart4 that displays the number of cases by priority
You need to identify which charts can be added to a personal dashboard.
What are two possible charts that you can add? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A. Chart1
B. Chart2
C. Chart3
D. Chart4

Answer: D

MB2-713 | Fabrikam is acquired by a company named…

Question: 8

You work for a company named » Fabrikam, Inc.
Fabrikam is acquired by a company named Contoso, Ltd. Both companies have different fiscal year ends.
The sales team at Fabrikam will be required to use a new fiscal year end at the end of the current quarter.
The Dynamics CRM administrator at Fabrikam updates the Fiscal Year Settings immediately.
You need to ensure that reports on if>.- goals use the Fabrikam year and until the end of the quartet What should you do?

A. Run the Align with Fiscal Period action immediately.
B. Recalculate the goals.
C. Run the Align Fiscal Period action after the quarter ends.
D. Create new goals for the old fiscal period.

Answer: C