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Question: 4

You need to choose the appropriate data access technology for the cookbook area of the web application. Which data access technology should you choose?

A. WCF Data Services
C. Entity Framework

Answer: A


* Scenario: The cookbook functionality is contained within a client-side application that must connect to the server using HTTP and requires access to the data using JavaScript.

* WCF Data Services (formerly known as “ADO.NET Data Services”) is a component of the .NET Framework that enables you to create services that use the Open
Data Protocol (OData) to expose and consume data over the Web or intranet by using the semantics of representational state transfer (REST). OData exposes data as resources that are addressable by URIs. Data is accessed and changed by using standard HTTP verbs of GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE.

* WCF Data Services uses the OData protocol for addressing and updating resources. In this way, you can access these services from any client that supports
OData. OData enables you to request and write data to resources by using well-known transfer formats: Atom, a set of standards for exchanging and updating data as XML, and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), a text-based data exchange format used extensively in AJAX application.

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