70-741 | What standard describes CSMA…

Question: 3

What standard describes CSMA/CD?

A. 801.2
B. 802.3
C. 802.5
D. 802.11

Answer: B


Section Reference: Defining Ethernet Standards


IEEE 802.3 defines carrier sense multiple access with collision detection (CSMA/CD). Because computers on a default Ethernet LAN all share the same channel, CSMA/CD governs the way computers coexist with limited collisions.

70-741 | What is the most common central device used…

Question: 1

What is the most common central device used today to connect computers to a network?

A. hub
B. switch
C. SOHO router
D. VPN router

Answer: B


Hubs are considered legacy devices and have been replaced by switches. Switches allow multiple computers to connect together. The advantage of a switch over a hub is that it can handle several conversations at the same time.