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MB2-717 | Which two options describe functions of the Council…

Question: 6

Which two options describe functions of the Council of Oracles Protocol? (Choose two.)

A. COOP updates the addresses of all hosts that are attached to the ACI fabric.
B. COOP enables APIC mapping, VMM mapping DHCP forwarding ARP/GARP learning and data plane learning.
C. COOP ensures all spine nodes maintain a consistent copy of endpoint addresses.
D. COOP maintains the distributed hash table repository of endpoint identity-to-location mappings.

Answer: A, B

MB2-717 | An organization manages their sales process…

Question: 5

An organization manages their sales process and tracks their competitors on opportunities through Microsoft Dynamics 365. A sales executive requests a report on how they are performing against each of their competitors. Using only out-of-box capabilities, how should you get this report for the sales executive?

A. On a view of opportunities, run the Pipeline Management Excel Template.
B. Add the Power BI content pack for Sales Managers, and share it with the executive.
C. Run the built-in Competitor Win/Loss report and send it to the sales executive.
D. Create a dashboard with the chart editor and include the competitors’ details, and share it with the sates executive.

Answer: D

MB2-717 | You are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales…

Question: 4

You are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales. Your marketing department has given you a number of illustrated documents that explain how your product is superior to various competitors. You have been tasked with adding this material to Dynamics 365 so the salespeople can use and email the material to their prospects, all from within Dynamics 365. How should you complete this task?

A. Add the documents to SharePoint and set up the SharePoint integration with Dynamics 365.
B. Add the documents as sales literature, and associate them with the right competitors.
C. Add the documents as Email Templates associated with the opportunity entity.
D. Add the documents as attachments in the notes section for each competitor.

Answer: B

MB2-717 | You are a sales manager who has a large sates…

Question: 3

You are a sales manager who has a large sates team. You want to track when you lose sales to your competitors. Which activity allows you to track your competitors in relationship to a lost opportunity?

A. Resolution activities
B. Phone activities
C. Task activities
D. Email activities

Answer: B

MB2-717 | You are a sales professional for an insurance…

Question: 2

You are a sales professional for an insurance company.
You have been working with a potential customer who was identified in Microsoft Dynamics 365 as
an Opportunity. That customer has just signed a coverage agreement.
How should you now modify the status of the designated Opportunity record?

A. close the opportunity as Lost
B. delete the opportunity record, and create a customer record
C. close the opportunity as Won
D. delete the opportunity record, and create a contact record

Answer: B

MB2-717 | You have received an email from a person you met…

Question: 1

You have received an email from a person you met at a conference you recently attended. The email mentions that their organization might be interested in the services provided by your organization. You need to create a record for this person in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to be later set to the qualified status by your organization. Which record type can be used to accomplish this goal?

A. Account
B. Opportunity
C. Lead
D. Contact

Answer: B