70-413 Question 3

Your network contains an Active Directory forest named contoso.com.
You plan to deploy 200 Hyper-V hosts by using Microsoft System Center 2012 Virtual
Machine Manager (VMM) Service Pack 1 (SP1).You add a PXE server to the fabric.
You need to identify which objects must be added to the VMM library for the planneddeployment.What should you identify? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose allthat apply.)

A. A host profile
B. A capability profile
C. A hardware profile
D. A generalized image
E. A service template

Answer: A,D
Templates and profiles are used to standardize the creation of virtual
machines and services.These configurations are stored in the VMM database but are not represented by physical configuration files.(D) There are several new types of templates and profiles in VMM, most of which are usedfor service creation.(A) There are also host profiles, used for deploying a Hyper-V host from a bare-metal
computer, and capability profiles, used to specify the capabilities of virtual machines oneach type of supported hypervisor when virtual machines are deployed to a private cloud

* host profile:
A Virtual Machine Manager library resource that contains hardware and operating systemconfiguration settings to convert a bare-metal computer to a managed Hyper-V host.capability profile:A Virtual Machine Manager library resource that defines which resources (for example,number of processors or maximum memory) are available to a virtual machine that iscreated in a private cloud.

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