70-417 Question 8

Your role of Network Administrator at ABC.com includes the management of the Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) domain named ABC.com. The network includes servers that run Windows Server 2012.
The network contains a server named ABC-Fed1. ABC-Fed1 runs Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS).
You need to configure a federated trust between ABC.com and a partner company named Weyland Industries.
You need to provide the ABC.com federation metadata to a network administrator at Weyland Industries to enable him to configure their end.
How can you locate a text file containing the required information?

A. By opening the Service\Endpoints node in the AD FS console.
B. By opening the Service\Certificates node in the AD FS console.
C. By opening the Trust Relationships\Claims Provider Trusts node in the AD FS console.
D. By opening the Trust Relationships\Attribute Stores node in the AD FS console.

Answer: A

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