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70-339 Exam Questions

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You are a SharePoint administrator for a company. You deploy OneDrive for Business on-premises. Files are explicitly shared with external users by sending email invitations Users report that they cannot immediately view files in the OneDrive for Business Shared with Me view. You need to ensure that users can view all files as they are shared while minimizing the changes to the current service topology. What should you do?

A. Enable the Recently Shared Items cache on the My Site server.
B. Enable Continuous Crawl.
C. Enable the Distributed Cache on all servers.
D. Enable the Recently Shared Items cache on the Search server.

Answer: A

You are customizing standard content types for an organization. For the tracking of a department, you must allow users to easily select or enter a value. In some cases, users may refer to a single department by more than one name. Users must be able to select or type any name for a department but the document must be associated with only one department. You need to create a column that supports the requirements. What should you create?

A. a Choice site column that uses a drop-down menu.
B. a Choice site column that uses check boxes
C. a Choice listthat uses a drop-down menu
D. a Managed Metadata site column

Answer: A

You are the SharePoint administrator for Contoso, Ltd. You deploy a new team site for the Marketing department to the company’s SharePoint environment. The manager for the Marketing department must be able to add and manage groups in the new site. You need to grant the correct permissions to the manager while minimizing administrative impact. Which permission level should you grant to the manager?

A. Designer
B. Approver
C. Site administrator
D. Contributor
E. Site Collection administrator

Answer: C

You manage a SharePoint 2016 farm.

You need to import user profiles and photos from Active Directory to the SharePoint 2016 farm.

Which tool or service should you use?

A. User Profile service application
B. Active Directory Import
C. Microsoft Identity Manager
D. Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager

Answer: A

In this section, you will see one or more sets of questions with the same scenario and problem. Each question presents a unique solution to the problem, and you must determine whether the solution meets the stated goals. Any of the solutions might solve the problem. It is also possible that none of the solutions solve the problem.
Once you answer a question in this section you will NOT be able to return to it. As a result, these questions will not appear in the review screen.
Note: This question is part of a series of questions that present the same scenario. Each question in the series contains a unique solution. Determine whether the
solution meets the stated goals.
You have an existing SharePoint 2016 on-premises environment. You are configuring a SharePoint hybrid solution.
You must store all personal sites in Office 365.
You create and configure a User Profile service application and deploy an App Management service application. You deploy a My Site host collection. In SharePoint Central Administration, you create an audience. On the Configure hybrid OneDrive for Business settings page, you enter a value for the My Site URL field and specify the audience.
Does this solution meet the goal?

A. Yes
B. No

Answer: B

During the upgrade from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint 2016, you discover there is a missing feature. You review the logs and observe the following error message:
Message: Database [WSS_Contoso_OR01] has reference(s) to a missing feature: Id= [4be9a980-965f-486f-9eda-074e284875d7].
Remedy: The feature with Id 4be9a980-965f-486f-9eda-074e284875d7 is referenced in the database [WSS_Contoso_OR01], but is not installed on the current farm.
The missing feature may cause upgrade to fail. Please install any solution which contains the feature and restart upgrade if necessary.
You need to identify the page that is missing the feature.
Which of the following will identify the page?

A. On the SharePoint Server, run the following Windows PowerShell command:Test-SPContentDatabase-Name $dbName-WebApplication $wa| Select Category,
Message | Where {$_.Category-eq “MissingFeature”}
B. On the SharePoint Server, run the following Windows PowerShell command:Test-SPContentDatabase-Name $dbName-WebApplication $wa| Select Category,
Message | Where{$_.Category-eq “MissingSetupFile”}
C. On the SQL Server, run the following SQL syntax against WSS_Contoso_OR01:SELECT FeatureId, FullURL From WebsInner JOIN FeaturesOn
Webs.Id=Features.WebIdWHERE FeatureId=‘4be9a980-965f-486f-9eda-074e284875d7’ORDERBY FeatureId
D. On the SharePoint Server, review theHealth Analyzerand find the missing dependencies.

Answer: A

You are the administrator for a SharePoint 2016 farm. You configure a connection to the SharePoint Store. Users report that they cannot select or install specific apps from the SharePoint Store. Users can install other apps. You need to allow users to purchase and install any type of apps from the SharePoint Store. What should you do?

A. Activate the Internet-facing endpoints feature for apps.
B. Configure the Store settings to allow users to purchase apps.
C. Deploy an App Catalog.
D. Delete theexisting App Catalog. Then, delete and provision the Subscription Setting and App Management service applications.

Answer: A

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