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70-463 Exam Questions

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You work as a senior database developer at ABC.com. The ABC.com network consists of a single domain named ABC.com. ABC.com makes use of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 in their environment. You are running a training exercise for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 junior developers. You are discussing the ValidateExternalMetaData property for a data flow. Which of the following represents the data type for this property?

A. Integer
B. IDTSExternalMetadataColumn100
C. String
D. Boolean

Answer: D

You work as a senior database administrator at ABC.com. The ABC.com network consists of a single domain named ABC.com. ABC.com makes use of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 in their environment.
You are running a training exercise for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 junior administrators. You are discussing the use of Slowly Changing Dimension Transformation Outputs. One of the output options causes Derived Column transformations to create columns for the expired row and the current row indicators.
Which option is the output that causes this?

A. Unchanged Output
B. Inferred Member Updates Output
C. Historical Attributes Inserts Output
D. Fixed Attribute Output
E. Changing Attributes Updates Output

Answer: C

You are designing a data warehouse with two fact tables. The first table contains sales per month and the second table contains orders per day. Referential integrity must be enforced declaratively. You need to design a solution that can join a single time dimension to both fact tables. What should you do?

A. Create a time mapping table.
B. Change the level of granularity in both fact tables to be the same.
C. Merge the fact tables.
D. Create a view on the sales table.

Answer: C

You are reviewing the design of a customer dimension table in an existing data warehouse hosted on SQL Azure. The current dimension design does not allow the retention of historical changes to customer attributes such as Postcode. You need to redesign the dimension to enable the full historical reporting of changes to multiple customer attributes including Postcode. What should you do?

A. Add StartDate and EndDate columns to the customer dimension.
B. Add an IsCurrent column to the customer dimension.
C. Enable Snapshot Isolation on the data warehouse.
D. Add CurrentValue and PreviousValue columns to the customer dimension.

Answer: A

You install a SQL Server 2012 database engine instance on a production server. A month later, you install SQL Server 2012 Integration Services (SSIS).
You must develop an SSIS project and deploy it to the server by using the Project Deployment model. Operations Log records that are outside the configured retention period must be cleaned automatically. You need to create the SSIS catalog on the production server.
What should you do? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose all that apply.)

A. Enable XP Command Shell.
B. Enable CLR Integration.
C. Enable OLE Automation.
D. Start the SQL Server Browser service.
E. Enable Cross Database Ownership Chaining
F. Start the SQL Server Agent service
G. Enable Ad Hoc Remote Queries.

Answer: B,F

You are designing a data warehouse hosted on Windows Azure SQL Database. The data warehouse currently includes the dimUser and dimRegion dimension tables and the factSales fact table. The dimUser table contains records for each user permitted to run reports against the warehouse, and the dimRegion table contains information about sales regions.
The system is accessed by users from certain regions, as well as by area supervisors and
users from the corporate headquarters.
You need to design a table structure to ensure that certain users can see sales data for only certain regions. Some users must be permitted to see sales data from multiple regions.
What should you do?

A. For each region, create a view of the factSales table that includes a WHERE clause for the region.
B. Create a userRegion table that contains primary key columns from the dimUser and dimRegion tables.
C. Add a region column to the dimUser table.
D. Partition the factSales table on the region column.

Answer: B

You are developing a SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package.The package uses custom functionality that accesses a SQL Server database. The custom functionality must be implemented by using Language Integrated Query (LINQ).You need to ensure that the LINQ code can be debugged at design time.What should you select from the SSIS Toolbox? (To answer, drag the appropriate item to the correct location in the answer area.)


You are designing an enterprise star schema that will consolidate data from three
independent data marts. One of the data marts is hosted on SQL Azure.

Most of the dimensions have the same structure and content. However, the geography
dimension is slightly different in each data mart.

You need to design a consolidated dimensional structure that will be easy to maintain while ensuring that all dimensional data from the three original solutions is represented.What should you do?

A. Create a junk dimension for the geography dimension.
B. Implement change data capture.
C. Create a conformed dimension for the geography dimension.
D. Create three geography dimensions.

Answer: C

You must identify duplicate rows stored in a SQL Server table and output discoveries to a
CSV file. A Data Quality Services (DQS) knowledge base has been created to support this

You need to produce the CSV file with the least amount of development effort.

What should you do?

A. Create an Integration Services package and use a Data Profiling transform.
B. Create a custom .NET application based on the Knowledgebase class.
C. Create a data quality project.
D. Create a CLR stored procedure based on the Knowledgebase class.
E. Create a Master Data Services (MDS) business rule.

Answer: C

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