An acquaintance with Microsoft Certification in this modern age of technology

Learning new skills is the major requirement now than ever, as the world has turned to global market and instant information access network. If you're not continuously improving yourself, you'll be surpassed by the other progressing people. Consequently, skill building through certification courses like Microsoft Certification Courses has become very well-liked. The need for skill building is especially relevant for Information technology Professionals. The pace at which technology is changing is beyond belief and what was applicable four or five years ago is almost obsolete.
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If you possess a Certification, then your value is increased many times and you have an edge over others, who do not have similar Certificates. Microsoft offers training material and certificates for many of its softwares and products. If you pass these certification exams, certificates are issued by Microsoft to the fact that you passed a particular exam for a specific or group of products. A professional with a Microsoft certification is called an MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional). The Microsoft certifications offer plenty of benefits to its achievers. They are globally recognized certifications with lots of advantages attached to it.

Microsoft Certification Levels

Certifications are to be selected very carefully on the basis of interest, knowledge, and skills as the whole career path of an IT professional depends upon the kind of certification they opt for. There are three different types of Microsoft certifications which include the associate level, the expert level, and the master level.
Associate level testifies individual’s skills in using windows server, windows client, and SQL server. It is meant for those who require a foundation for their IT career. Entry level Job seekers in the IT field should consider getting an associate level certification.
Expert level certification demonstrates employers that the candidate can work with multiple technologies. In order to obtain this certification, candidates need to qualify the solutions developer and solutions expert exams.
Master level certification will let employers identify that you are at the top of your field. This course involves learning advanced skills in Microsoft server technology.

Microsoft Exams Training

The IT certification process is skills and job oriented. You become skilled at how to do a task, how to troubleshoot a problem, and how to reason through a design. It is real-world oriented. Organization performance in several key areas of IT is directly affected by its employee’s skill levels. Organizations with Microsoft Certified Professionals experience shorter server downtimes and greater productivity. An employee that is a recognized Microsoft certified is an important resource of knowledge and skill to the organization as well as to the other employees.

A Microsoft Certification is an industry standard which is recognized internationally and which can help open doors to potential job opportunities. Professionals concur that opportunities in IT are only growing, and more opportunities with a proven set of skills transform into high figure salary. Certifications set you in a position to take advantage of them. If you have aimed to become Microsoft Certified Professional, then you should search for most authentic and best study material. We at are committed to making it possible for you to pass your Microsoft Certification exam in the very first try. will prove to be very helpful to find all the necessary material for the preparation of your Exam. People share their personal experiences and free Microsoft exam dumps building a free community here. The Microsoft braindumps are available in two formats i.e. PDF file and Online Test Engine software. The PDF file can be easily accessed on a variety of devices including Tablets, Laptops and Mobiles anywhere at any time. Moreover, by practicing all online practice tests you will become capable of facing the real exam atmosphere with full confidence. Examstraining is also giving full money back guarantee if you fail in your Microsoft certification exam. A free demo and 24/7 hours online support are available to facilitate our valuable customers.

70-331|You need to resolve the authentication….

Question: 9

You need to resolve the authentication issue that occurs in the SharePoint environment. What should you do?

A. Use classic mode authentication and set the authentication type to Kerberos.
B. Deploy the Secure Store Service.
C. Use the Open Authorization 2.0 (OAuth 2.0) web authorization protocol.
D. Use the Distributed Cache service.

Answer: D

70-247 | You have a System Center 2012 Service…

Question: 9

You have a System Center 2012 Service Manager infrastructure that contains two servers named Server1 and Server2.
A user named Testuser5 is unable to modify work items and configuration items.
You need to ensure that TestUser5 is assigned the necessary permissions to perform the following tasks:
– Create and update work items.
– Create and update configuration items.
To which User Role Profile should you add TestUser5?

A. Change Initiators
B. Problem Analyst
C. Incident Resolvers
D. Advanced Operators

Answer: D

Microsoft president addresses a crowd of nearly 300 at the sixth annual State of Technology summit

President of Microsoft

There are 600,000 jobs in the United States which require a degree in computer science for four years, however, the nation produces only 40,000 computer science graduates for these positions last year.

The trend is for North Dakota, where there are 900 openings and only 116 students have graduated in computer science last year.

The skills gap is only one of many challenges facing the future of shared technology by Microsoft Chairman and General Counsel Brad Smith, in his opening speech at the sixth annual State of Technology Summit Tuesday, August 16 at the Hilton Garden Inn.

“The local innovators to solve global problems” was the theme of the event organized by the US Senator John Hoeven and House West Fargo Moorhead.

Hoeven said the purpose of the annual event is to celebrate the innovators, creating links and discuss future opportunities for progress. He firmly believes North Dakota is ready to become a leader in technology that the state already been made in agriculture and energy.

Smith’s speech focuses on the role of Microsoft in what is called “The fourth industrial revolution.”

He said the revolution will involve progress in three distinct areas: the physical world of 3D printing, robotics and autonomous vehicles; the biological world of genomics engineering and diagnosis; and the digital world of new technologies such as Blockchain and other disruptive business models.

One area where Microsoft is leading the way cloud storage. Last year, Microsoft spent $ 7 million in capital investments to build what Smith said he is likely to be the first or second largest cloud infrastructure on the planet.

Smith elaborated on the challenges of the workforce in the industry. He said the key is to start preparing high school students for careers in technology. Of the 37,000 high schools in the United States, he said that 4310 offers courses in advanced computing. Only five of the 174 in North Dakota offer courses.

That’s why Microsoft allows its employees to spend part of their day teaching in secondary schools in the region through its technological education and literacy program in schools. Matt Evans, an employee of the school Fargo, AP teaches computer class at West Fargo High School for several years.

Smith said Microsoft is grateful to be part of this community. As of Monday, 1,648 employees work on the Fargo campus said. It is more than 230 in July, and is expected to continue growing.

Tuesday’s event also featured speeches by Michael Chambers, CEO of Aldevron; Neil Brackin, President of weather modification; Mukai and Selekwa founder Webblen and winner of the event “Shark Tank” Young Entrepreneurs Academy this spring.

Throughout the Wi-Fi state:

One of the biggest announcements of the event came from Seth Arndorfer CEO Dakota Carrier Network, a broadband service provider, and services related to the Internet.

Arndorfer announced that DCN and its 15 owners companies are now establishing a Wi-Fi network across North Dakota. It is considered the first network to Wi-Fi hotspots in the entire state.

DCN has documented the growth of the Internet since 2003. Arndorfer said it has doubled every 12 to 15 months and continues to do so.

In the future, the Internet is more than the said fiber and connectivity. People do not realize most of their activities while wired to a network.

“Many industries are realizing that mobility is the fabric of everyone’s life and we need to adjust our business models to accommodate that,” he said.

70-243|The network consists of a single

Question: 10

You work as a senior administrator at The network consists of a single domain named makes use of System Center 2012 Configuration Manager in their environment. You are currently analyzing the Wsyncmgr.log file.
Which of the following are recorded in this log?

A. Details regarding the configuration, database connectivity, and health of the WSUS server for the site.
B. Details regarding the software update synchronization process.
C. Details regarding compliance status for the software updates.
D. Details regarding software update point configurations and connections to the Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) server for subscribed update categories, classifications, and languages.

Answer: B

74-678|Which two goals are met by the…

Question: 6

Which two goals are met by the company’s current licensing solution given the planned changes? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A. A Datum must run the most up-to-date versions of the desktop platform products to access the custom application.
B. A Datum wants the users to be able to access their corporate desktop from their home computer.
C. A Datum wants to deliver Windows and Office in a virtual desktop to the users.
D. A Datum wants to be able to install multiple virtual desktops on the device of each user.
E. A Datum wants the flexibility to deploy virtual desktops to the cloud.

Answer : B,C

70-688|You manage a network that includes

Question: 6

You manage a network that includes computers that run Windows 8 Enterprise. All of the computers on the network are members of an Active Directory domain. The company recently proposed a new security policy that prevents users from synchronizing applications settings, browsing history, favorites, and passwords from the computers with their Microsoft accounts.
You need to enforce these security policy requirements on the computers. What should you do?

A. From each computer, navigate to Change Sync Settings and set the Sync Your Settings options for Apps, Browser, and Passwords to Off.
B. On the Group Policy Object, configure the Accounts: Block Microsoft accounts Group Policy setting to Users can’t add or log on with Microsoft accounts.
C. On the Group Policy Object, configure the Accounts: Block Microsoft accounts Group Policy setting to Users can’t add Microsoft accounts.
D. From each computer, navigate to Change Sync Settings and set the Sync Your Settings option to Off.

Answer: B

70-687|A company has client computers ……

Question: 8

A company has client computers that run Windows 8. The client computer systems frequently use IPSec tunnels to securely transmit data. You need to configure the IPSec tunnels to use 256-bit encryption keys. Which encryption type should you use?


Answer: D

70-680|Your network consists of one Active

Question: 8

Your network consists of one Active Directory domain. You have two computers named Computer1 and Computer2 that run Windows 7. Both computers are members of the domain.
From Computer1, you can recover all Encrypting File System (EFS) encrypted files for users in the domain.
You need to ensure that you can recover all EFS encrypted files from Computer2.
What should you do?

A. On Computer1, back up %systemroot%\DigitalLocker. On Computer2, restore %systemroot%\DigitalLocker.
B. On Computer1, export the data recovery agent certificate. On Computer2, import the data recovery agent certificate.
C. On Computer1, run Secedit.exe and specify the /export parameter. On Computer2, run Secedit.exe and specify the /import parameter.
D. On Computer1, run Cipher.exe and specify the /removeuser parameter. On Computer2, run Cipher.exe and specify the /adduser parameter.

Answer: B

70-534|You are designing an Azure web application.

Question: 19

You are designing an Azure web application.
All users must authenticate by using Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) credentials.
You need to recommend an approach to enable single sign-on to the application for domainauthenticated users.
Which two actions should you recommend? Each correct answer presents part of the solution

A. Use Forms authentication to generate claims.
B. Use the SQL membership provider in the web application.
C. Use Windows Identity Foundation in the web application.
D. Use Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) to generate claims.

Answer: C,D

70-533|You manage a cloud service named

Question: 8

You manage a cloud service named fabrikamReports that is deployed in an Azure data center. You deploy a virtual machine (VM) named fabrikamSQL into a virtual network named fabrikamVNet.
FabrikamReports must communicate with fabrikamSQL.
You need to add fabrikam Reports to fabrikamVNet.
Which file should you modify?

A. the network configuration file for fabrikamVNet
B. the service definition file (.csdef) for fabrikamReports
C. the service definition file (.csdef) for fabrikamSQL
D. the service configuration file (.cscfg) for fabrikamReports E. the service configuration file (.cscfg) fabrikamSQL

Answer: B