An acquaintance with Microsoft Certification in this modern age of technology

Learning new skills is the major requirement now than ever, as the world has turned to global market and instant information access network. If you're not continuously improving yourself, you'll be surpassed by the other progressing people. Consequently, skill building through certification courses like Microsoft Certification Courses has become very well-liked. The need for skill building is especially relevant for Information technology Professionals. The pace at which technology is changing is beyond belief and what was applicable four or five years ago is almost obsolete.
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If you possess a Certification, then your value is increased many times and you have an edge over others, who do not have similar Certificates. Microsoft offers training material and certificates for many of its softwares and products. If you pass these certification exams, certificates are issued by Microsoft to the fact that you passed a particular exam for a specific or group of products. A professional with a Microsoft certification is called an MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional). The Microsoft certifications offer plenty of benefits to its achievers. They are globally recognized certifications with lots of advantages attached to it.

Microsoft Certification Levels

Certifications are to be selected very carefully on the basis of interest, knowledge, and skills as the whole career path of an IT professional depends upon the kind of certification they opt for. There are three different types of Microsoft certifications which include the associate level, the expert level, and the master level.
Associate level testifies individual’s skills in using windows server, windows client, and SQL server. It is meant for those who require a foundation for their IT career. Entry level Job seekers in the IT field should consider getting an associate level certification.
Expert level certification demonstrates employers that the candidate can work with multiple technologies. In order to obtain this certification, candidates need to qualify the solutions developer and solutions expert exams.
Master level certification will let employers identify that you are at the top of your field. This course involves learning advanced skills in Microsoft server technology.

Microsoft Exams Training

The IT certification process is skills and job oriented. You become skilled at how to do a task, how to troubleshoot a problem, and how to reason through a design. It is real-world oriented. Organization performance in several key areas of IT is directly affected by its employee’s skill levels. Organizations with Microsoft Certified Professionals experience shorter server downtimes and greater productivity. An employee that is a recognized Microsoft certified is an important resource of knowledge and skill to the organization as well as to the other employees.

A Microsoft Certification is an industry standard which is recognized internationally and which can help open doors to potential job opportunities. Professionals concur that opportunities in IT are only growing, and more opportunities with a proven set of skills transform into high figure salary. Certifications set you in a position to take advantage of them. If you have aimed to become Microsoft Certified Professional, then you should search for most authentic and best study material. We at are committed to making it possible for you to pass your Microsoft Certification exam in the very first try. will prove to be very helpful to find all the necessary material for the preparation of your Exam. People share their personal experiences and free Microsoft exam dumps building a free community here. The Microsoft braindumps are available in two formats i.e. PDF file and Online Test Engine software. The PDF file can be easily accessed on a variety of devices including Tablets, Laptops and Mobiles anywhere at any time. Moreover, by practicing all online practice tests you will become capable of facing the real exam atmosphere with full confidence. Examstraining is also giving full money back guarantee if you fail in your Microsoft certification exam. A free demo and 24/7 hours online support are available to facilitate our valuable customers.

70-246 | You need to recommend a solution…

Question: 1

You need to recommend a solution to meet the monitoring requirements for App1. What should you recommend?

A. Install the Management Pack for Operations Manager APM Web IIS 7, download and install the Internet Information Services (IIS) 7 Management Pack, and then run the .NET Application Performance Monitoring wizard.
B. Configure a synthetic transaction, and then run the Process Monitoring wizard.
C. Install the Management Pack for Operations Manager APM Web IIS 7, and then run the Process Monitoring wizard.
D. Configure a synthetic transaction, and then run the .NET Application Performance Monitoring wizard.

Answer: A

This states: “Although this management pack does not contain a template of its own, the discoveries it contains are necessary to have objects show up in the .NET Application Performance Monitoring template” See also and the synthetic transaction is part of the APM wizard.

MB2-710 | What is an advantage of using…

Question: 1

What is an advantage of using the Email Router for email processing?

A. Can synchronize appointments, contacts, and tasks directly with Microsoft Exchange.
B. Provides error reporting in the application.
C. Can be used with all combinations of online/on-premise hybrid environments.
D. Managed in the web application.

Answer: D

70-697 | You administer a Windows…

Question: 1

You administer a Windows 10 Enterprise computer that runs Hyper-V. The computer hosts a virtual machine with multiple snapshots. The virtual machine uses one virtual CPU and 512 MB of RAM. You discover that the virtual machine pauses automatically and displays the state as paused-critical. You need to identify the component that is causing the error. Which component should you identify?

A. no virtual switch defined
B. insufficient memory
C. insufficient hard disk space
D. insufficient number of virtual processors

Answer: C

In this question, the VM has “multiple snapshots” which would use up a lot of disk space. Virtual machines will go into the “Paused-Critical” state in Hyper-V if the free space on the drive that contains the snapshots goes below 200MB. One thing that often trips people up is if they have their virtual hard disks configured on one drive – but have left their snapshot files stored on the system drive. Once a virtual machine snapshot has been taken – the base virtual hard disk stops expanding and the snapshot file stores new data that is written to the disk – so it is critical that there is enough space in the snapshot storage location.

Incorrect Answers:

A: No virtual switch being defined would not cause the Pause-Critical state.
B: Insufficient memory would not cause the Pause-Critical state.
D: An insufficient number of virtual processors would not cause the Pause-Critical state.

70-980 | You implement and authorize…

Question: 1

You implement and authorize the new DHCP servers. You import the server configurations and the scope configurations from PA1 and AM1. You need to ensure that clients can obtain DHCP address assignments after you shut down PA1 and AM1. The solution must meet the technical requirements. What should you do?

A. Run the Get-DhcpServerv4Lease cmdlet and the Remove-DhcpServerv4Lease cmdlet. Run the Windows Server Migration Tools.
B. Run the Get-DhcpServerv4Lease cmdlet and the Add-DhcpServerv4Lease cmdlet. Activate the scopes.
C. Run the Get-DhcpServerv4FreeIPAddress cmdlet and the Invoke-DhcpServerv4FailoverReplication cmdlet. Run the Windows Server Migration Tools.
D. Run the Get-DhcpServerv4FreeIPAddress cmdlet and the Invoke-DhcpServerv4FailoverReplication cmdlet Activate the scopes.

Answer: B

70-332 | You need to meet the site…

Question: 1

You need to meet the site collection creation requirements for Which steps should you take? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose all that apply.)

A. Ensure that the Setup My Sites setting for the User Profile service application uses the URL of the My Site host site collection and a wildcard inclusion.
B. Ensure that the Setup My Sites setting for the User Profile service application uses the URL of the My Site host site collection and an explicit inclusion.
C. Grant the Create Subsitespermission to each user.
D. Grant the Create Personal Sitepermission to each user.

Answer: A,D

70-532 | The website does not receive alerts…

Question : 1

The website does not receive alerts quickly enough.You need to resolve the issue.What should you do?

A. Enable automatic scaling for the website.
B. Manually Increase the instance count for the worker role.
C. Increase the amount of swap memory for the VM instance.
D. Set the monitoring level to Verbose for the worker role.
E. Enable automatic scaling for the worker role.

Answer : B

Microsoft offers free Windows Server 2016 licenses to VMware switchers

Microsoft launches Windows Server 2016 nine months promoting to get users to migrate to VMware vSphere Hyper-V.

Microsoft launches a nine-month promotion on 1 September, which will provide users with free licenses of VMware vSphere Windows Server Datacenter to move to Hyper-V.

The start date of 1 September is a bit strange, because Windows Server 2016 are not “launch” to the last week of September at the Microsoft Ignite fair, and generally will not be available until early October 2016. (I assume the additional months ahead is for those who want to make the tires last technical preview of Windows Server 2016 before committing.)

The fine print of the offer also provides customers changing workloads to Hyper-V will qualify for the data center server 2016 Windows licenses for free when they purchase Windows Server Datacenter more of your volume license map software assurance – means that customers still need to purchase software assurance for the free license on the server in the data center.

Downloadable sheet data migration offering notes that most free licenses Windows Server Datacenter, participating users will receive free online training through Microsoft Virtual Academy. Offer ends June 30, 2017.

Windows Server 2016 Datacenter is one of a handful of Windows Server 2016 editions Microsoft will launch this year. The version of the data center is “data center environments and in highly virtualized cloud.” Other editions include Windows Server 2016 Standard, Essentials, premium MultiPoint Server, Storage Server, and Hyper-V Server.


On the front of the Windows Server 2016 Datacenter and Standard license authorized by heart; Essentials, Multipoint premium storage server are allowed by the processor, as this chart from a recent blog Microsoft OEM Team Australia clearly. Users who wish to implement the Nano server mode – either data centers or Standard – need to have a Software Assurance to do so.

Nano Server is one of three installation options, Windows Server 2016 Standard and Datacenter. (The other two are Server with the desktop experience and Server Core.) The option of long-term services Directorate are not available for Nano Server and the current branch more frequently updated for the model of ownership Service not available for desktop and server with server Core. See this blog post for details on upcoming maintenance options.

Datacenter Edition allows users to run any number of operating system environments / containers Hyper-V and Standard Edition allows only two. Datacenter Edition also includes features such as direct storage spaces and reading storage, armored virtual machines and network stack, which are not part of the standard edition.

Privacy group: Microsoft should ‘come clean’ about ‘malicious’ Windows 10

Windows 10 was a difficult first year in the world. Although the operating system itself has been welcomed in general, concerns about privacy and too much pressure improvements were made with Windows 10 update as more of a saga that Microsoft needed.


The Electronic Frontier Foundation, an advocacy group for digital rights, published a collection of blog unlimited data condemnation of Windows 10, and form “malicious” Microsoft has pushed 10 consumers. If you are not a fan of watching Microsoft verbally beaten, it will be a difficult road.

Amul Kalia, the author of the piece, starts out by attacking Microsoft’s well-documented attempts to push Windows 10 installs:

“The tactics Microsoft employed to get users of earlier versions of Windows to upgrade to Windows 10 went from annoying to downright malicious. Some highlights: Microsoft installed an app in users’ system trays advertising the free upgrade to Windows 10. The app couldn’t be easily hidden or removed, but some enterprising users figured out a way. Then, the company kept changing the app and bundling it into various security patches, creating a cat-and-mouse game to uninstall it.”

They will be described later attempts to install Microsoft to push “very misleading” and that Microsoft “has chosen to use questionable tactics for users to download a piece of software that many do not want.”

Next, attention is directed towards what really makes Windows 10, once it has been installed on your machine:

“Windows 10 sends an unprecedented amount of usage data back to Microsoft, particularly if users opt in to “personalize” the software using the OS assistant called Cortana. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of data sent back: location data, text input, voice input, touch input, webpages you visit, and telemetry data regarding your general usage of your computer, including which programs you run and for how long.

In short, it is a succinct and damning report on how Microsoft blundered what should have been an easy last software update. Ultimately, with Windows 10, Microsoft gave a much improved software for its part users. How he managed to screw up while the FEP is bad writing editorials.

70-331|You need to resolve the authentication….

Question: 9

You need to resolve the authentication issue that occurs in the SharePoint environment. What should you do?

A. Use classic mode authentication and set the authentication type to Kerberos.
B. Deploy the Secure Store Service.
C. Use the Open Authorization 2.0 (OAuth 2.0) web authorization protocol.
D. Use the Distributed Cache service.

Answer: D

70-247 | You have a System Center 2012 Service…

Question: 9

You have a System Center 2012 Service Manager infrastructure that contains two servers named Server1 and Server2.
A user named Testuser5 is unable to modify work items and configuration items.
You need to ensure that TestUser5 is assigned the necessary permissions to perform the following tasks:
– Create and update work items.
– Create and update configuration items.
To which User Role Profile should you add TestUser5?

A. Change Initiators
B. Problem Analyst
C. Incident Resolvers
D. Advanced Operators

Answer: D