An acquaintance with Microsoft Certification in this modern age of technology

Learning new skills is the major requirement now than ever, as the world has turned to global market and instant information access network. If you're not continuously improving yourself, you'll be surpassed by the other progressing people. Consequently, skill building through certification courses like Microsoft Certification Courses has become very well-liked. The need for skill building is especially relevant for Information technology Professionals. The pace at which technology is changing is beyond belief and what was applicable four or five years ago is almost obsolete.
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If you possess a Certification, then your value is increased many times and you have an edge over others, who do not have similar Certificates. Microsoft offers training material and certificates for many of its softwares and products. If you pass these certification exams, certificates are issued by Microsoft to the fact that you passed a particular exam for a specific or group of products. A professional with a Microsoft certification is called an MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional). The Microsoft certifications offer plenty of benefits to its achievers. They are globally recognized certifications with lots of advantages attached to it.

Microsoft Certification Levels

Certifications are to be selected very carefully on the basis of interest, knowledge, and skills as the whole career path of an IT professional depends upon the kind of certification they opt for. There are three different types of Microsoft certifications which include the associate level, the expert level, and the master level.
Associate level testifies individual’s skills in using windows server, windows client, and SQL server. It is meant for those who require a foundation for their IT career. Entry level Job seekers in the IT field should consider getting an associate level certification.
Expert level certification demonstrates employers that the candidate can work with multiple technologies. In order to obtain this certification, candidates need to qualify the solutions developer and solutions expert exams.
Master level certification will let employers identify that you are at the top of your field. This course involves learning advanced skills in Microsoft server technology.

Microsoft Exams Training

The IT certification process is skills and job oriented. You become skilled at how to do a task, how to troubleshoot a problem, and how to reason through a design. It is real-world oriented. Organization performance in several key areas of IT is directly affected by its employee’s skill levels. Organizations with Microsoft Certified Professionals experience shorter server downtimes and greater productivity. An employee that is a recognized Microsoft certified is an important resource of knowledge and skill to the organization as well as to the other employees.

A Microsoft Certification is an industry standard which is recognized internationally and which can help open doors to potential job opportunities. Professionals concur that opportunities in IT are only growing, and more opportunities with a proven set of skills transform into high figure salary. Certifications set you in a position to take advantage of them. If you have aimed to become Microsoft Certified Professional, then you should search for most authentic and best study material. We at are committed to making it possible for you to pass your Microsoft Certification exam in the very first try. will prove to be very helpful to find all the necessary material for the preparation of your Exam. People share their personal experiences and free Microsoft exam dumps building a free community here. The Microsoft braindumps are available in two formats i.e. PDF file and Online Test Engine software. The PDF file can be easily accessed on a variety of devices including Tablets, Laptops and Mobiles anywhere at any time. Moreover, by practicing all online practice tests you will become capable of facing the real exam atmosphere with full confidence. Examstraining is also giving full money back guarantee if you fail in your Microsoft certification exam. A free demo and 24/7 hours online support are available to facilitate our valuable customers.

70-347|You manage an Office 365 tenant with an Enterprise E3 subscription

Question: 6

You manage an Office 365 tenant with an Enterprise E3 subscription. You receive an eDiscovery request for a SharePoint Online site collection. You create an eDiscovery case. You need to find and preserve content for the eDiscovery. What should you do next?

A. Create an eDiscovery set.
B. Create a query filter.
C. Export documents from the SharePoint site collection.
D. Release the hold on the eDiscovery case.

Answer: C

70-346|You are the Office 365 administrator for your company.

Question: 6

You are the Office 365 administrator for your company.
The environment must support single sign-on.
You need to install the required certificates.
Which two certificates should you install? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
B. Privacy-enhanced mail (PEM)
C. Token signing
D. Personal
E. Software publisher

Answer: A

70-342|You are evaluating the implementation

Question: 8

You are evaluating the implementation of the organization relationship.
You need to recommend which tasks must be performed to ensure that the Contoso users can view the Out of Office message of the Tailspin Toys users before the Contoso users send a message to the Tailspin Toys users.
What should you recommend doing before implementing the organization relationship?

A. Create a Policy Tip.
B. Upgrade all of the client computers to Outlook 2010.
C. Create a MailTip.
D. Publish the Autodiscover service of Tailspin Toys.
E. Create a remote domain.

Answer: B

70-341|You need to identify which business requirement

Question: 8

You need to identify which business requirement will be met by implementing the planned hardware load balancer. Which business requirement should you identify?

A. Minimize the hardware costs required for a load balancing solution.
B. Minimize the software costs required for a load balancing solution.
C. Minimize user interruptions if a service fails on a Client Access server.
D. Minimize user interruptions if a service fails on a Mailbox server.

Answer: C


Introducing a load balancing solution will not minimize hardware costs
Introducing a hardware load balancing solution will not minimize software costs
A hardware load balancer connects to the Client Access servers not the Mailbox servers.
A hardware load balancer connects to the Client Access servers not the Mailbox servers AND is designed to minimize user interruptions Understanding Load Balancing in Exchange 2010: Exchange 2010 Help

Microsoft still believes hand tracking is the future of PC input

Microsoft wants to go beyond the keyboard and mouse to feed the interfaces of the future. While the software maker has invested in speech recognition and augmented reality scenarios, Microsoft’s research division has made significant progress hand tracking.
microsoftResearchers are working on software that will allow virtual environments to track and recognize the movement of the detailed hand. Progress could be applied to virtual reality helmets, or just the ability to more precisely control virtual objects on a screen.

Microsoft has some of those working in university research two conferences this summer, offering a little closer what could be our future virtual look. Microsoft focuses on improving the tracking accuracy of the hand, while reducing the amount of energy required to process complex movements.

“We are reaching the point where precision is such that the user can start to feel the avatar hand is your real hand,” said Jamie Shotton, artificial lead researcher research laboratory on the vision of Microsoft UK. “This has been a subject research for many years, but I think the time has come when we will see real solutions, usable, deployable for that, “said Shotton.

Microsoft releases two new videos this week to show their hand tracking improvement. The first (top) includes examples in which users can interact with buttons, virtual keyboards, dials, buttons, sliders and more accurately. Microsoft said that those who tested the research reported a “real sense of ownership of their virtual hands”.

It is easy to imagine that this type of research could be used to create virtual instruments, or to control various interactions in games. Microsoft Research video shows similar capacities.

While Microsoft is investing heavily in augmented reality HoloLens approaches, the software maker has always suggested additional actions taken to move towards Windows itself. Back in 2013, Microsoft demonstrated Windows navigate using air swing with a Kinect camera. This work seems to have progressed into something called “Project Prague.

” The project goal is to provide developers with hand gestures and the ability to create custom applications for gestures. 3D cameras are shrinking to become larger, but require Prague laptops and desktops project to widely adopt these new gestures Kinect cameras at work. Developers do not come to Kinect for Xbox, even after Microsoft included with every Xbox One, so it is unclear whether there will be a demand for navigation gestures for Windows.

Microsoft gestures supervision and labor is only research projects at the moment, but that does not mean that you will not actually perform in the future. Microsoft hinted again in 2012, it has been investing in the future “contactless” augmented reality led, years before his helmet HoloLens disclosed.

More often than Microsoft research projects indicate exactly what the company will begin to offer consumers in the coming years. The keyboard and mouse have a long way to go to reach to extinction, but if Microsoft is at this point, you might get some accompaniments gesture of the hand along the way.

70-331|You need to prepare the web servers for a SharePoint installation

Question: 8

You need to prepare the web servers for a SharePoint installation in the new farm. Which three actions should you perform? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose three.)

A. Save the PrerequisiteInstaller.Arguments file in the same directory as the prerequisite installer.
B. Define the installation arguments in a file named PrerequisiteInstaller.Arguments.txt
C. Install Windows Server 2012 on SERVER02.
D. Define the installation arguments in a file named PrerequisiteInstaller.Arguments.cfg.
E. Save the PrerequisiteInstaller.Arguments file in the SharePoint installation directory.
F. Install Windows Server 2012 on a virtual machine.

Answer: A,B,F


A, B: Using a text editor, create a new text document named PrerequisiteInstaller.Arguments.txt. Save this file to the same location as PrerequisiteInstaller.exe.
F: From Scenario: All servers must be virtualized unless otherwise specified

Note: From scenario (but applies to the database server, not the web servers): The database servers must be physical machines running Windows Server 2012 with direct access to storage.

Reference: Install prerequisites for SharePoint 2013 from a network share

70-247|The domain contains a domain controller named DC1 that runs

Question: 8

Your network contains an Active Directory domain named
The domain contains a domain controller named DC1 that runs Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 (SP1).
The forest functional level is Windows Server 2003.
The domain contains two member servers named Server1 and Server2.
Server1 has Microsoft SQL Server 2008 installed.
Both servers run Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.
Your company plans to deploy System Center 2012 R2 Service Manager to Server2.
You need to ensure that you can install Service Manager on Server2.
What should you do?

A. Upgrade the operating system on Server1.
B. Raise the forest functional level.
C. Upgrade the operating system on DC1.
D. Upgrade SQL Server on Server1.
E. Upgrade the operating system on Server2.

Answer: D

70-243| You want to make sure that all client workstations

Question: 9

You work as a senior administrator at The network consists of a single domain named makes use of System Center 2012 Configuration Manager. You want to make sure that all client workstations have the same default client settings for hardware inventory configured. You have to make use of the correct procedure to extend hardware inventory.
Which of the following actions should you take?

A. You should consider creating custom WMI classes in Configuration Manager.
B. You should consider enabling the default WMI classes used by Configuration Manager.
C. You should consider creating an IDMIF file.
D. You should consider creating a NOIDMIF file.

Answer: B

74-678|A Datum needs to identity whether the company

Question: 5

A Datum needs to identity whether the company has the rights to assign some of its SQL Server 2014 licenses to Microsoft Azure to run SQL Server 2014 on virtual machines on Azure. Which document should the company review?

A. Volume Licensing Online Services Terms (OST)
B. Microsoft Product List
C. Volume Licensing Product Use Rights (PUR)
D. Microsoft Service Provider Use Rights (SPUR)

Answer: A

Online Services Terms (OST)
When you subscribe to an Online Service through a Microsoft Volume Licensing program, the service terms for how you can use the service are defined in the Volume Licensing Online Services Terms (OST) document, Product List document, and program agreement .

70-688|You are an IT consultant for small and mid-sized businesses.

Question: 5

You are an IT consultant for small and mid-sized businesses.
One of your clients wants to start using Virtual Smart Cards on its laptops and tablets, which run Windows 8 Pro. Before implementing any changes, the client wants to ensure that the laptops and tablets support Virtual Smart Cards. You need to verify that the client laptops and tablets support Virtual Smart Cards. What should you do?

A. Ensure that each laptop and tablet can read a physical smart card.
B. Ensure that BitLocker Drive Encryption is enabled on a system drive of the laptops and tablets.
C. Ensure that each laptop and tablet has a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip of version 1.2 or greater.
D. Ensure that the laptops and tablets are running Windows 8 Enterprise edition.

Answer: C


TPM virtual smart cards

Virtual smart cards (VSCs) emulate the functionality of traditional smart cards, but instead of requiring the purchase of additional hardware, they utilize technology that users already own and are more likely to have with them at all times.
Microsoft virtual smart card platform is currently limited to the use of the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip onboard most modern computers.